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– Improve focus and attention as well (including ADHD)

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– Used by Developmental specialists since 1982

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"Not only does it work, but it STICKS" says mother of 13 year old

I can't tell you how much the Learning Breakthrough helped our son! I had him perform it daily for a year when he was 9. Now he's 13, LOVES to read, and reads above his grade level. So not only does it work, but it STICKS. Contact me anytime for more information. I KNOW that this program is beneficial, legitimate, and worth every penny it cost us.   


dyslexia success stories
Kate J. – Mother, USA

Psychologist's son (8 years old) see improvements in motor skills, athletics, reading, comprehension and grades

My son was 8 years old when he started Learning Breakthrough Program. His fine and gross motor skills were very weak. He had problem with reading and listening comprehension. -Read More-

Psychologist’s son (8 years old)

Parent amazed by 7 year old's academic and handwriting improvements after 7 weeks

Well it has been 7 weeks now since she started. The improvements to me may seem like nothing to some people but are quite frankly amazing to me. With this program there are various exercises that have to be completed twice a day for  -Read More-

social difficulties that result from dyslexia
SCartwright – forum poster, East Sussex, United Kingdom