The Learning Breakthrough Program™ addresses brain processing issues that underlie Aspergers Syndrome by improving sensory processing directly, enabling users to improve responsiveness to social cues (and other environmental stimuli) that help enhance their quality of life.

There is a great deal of information available about symptoms faced by those affected with Aspergers Syndrome. There is much less information about how various treatments outside of “social skills training” actually work to improve the condition of Aspergers sufferers.

Developmental practitioners, such as occupational therapists, have successfully used the power of the Learning Breakthrough Program in their clinics since 1982. Even the best practitioners can do only so much with infrequent one-on-one therapy. Now Aspergers sufferers can benefit from daily therapy by doing the straight forward and fun Learning Breakthrough activities in their home.

Occupational therapy approaches, particularly motor skills and sensory processing improvement, are often noted as critical to a comprehensive treatment regimen. Motor skill delays are typical among AS clients, manifesting themselves, sometimes subtly, in poor handwriting, lack of coordination, bad posture and general clumsiness or poor motor control. AS also manifests itself in the form of sensory issues that cause disturbances in one or more of the senses. Visual, auditory and tactile sensitivities are very common among AS clients and frequently result in behavioral difficulties.

The Learning Breakthrough Program™ delivers a thorough and effective range of motor skills and sensory integration improvements which greatly aid in resolving many symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome.

The ability to utilize our senses to absorb information, sort it out, prioritize it, and finally respond to it, speaks to the fundamental strengths of sensory processing approaches like ours. The same set of processes, in the context of social cues and meaningful responses to them, is very much at work in the way we function in a social context. By strengthening the brain’s processing abilities, the Learning Breakthrough Program™ helps to appropriately calibrate the way Aspergers clients process the information that comes into them and creates a more accurate and appropriate framework for responses in social settings.

The program is safe, affordable and easy to use. If you are a developmental practitioner, you have found a powerful tool that addresses a variety of issues (seminars approved by AOTA for CEU). If you or a family member suffer from Aspergers, you can use Learning Breakthrough™ with no risk at home to improve your quality of life.