Psychologist’s son (8 years old) see improvements in motor skills, athletics, reading, comprehension and grades

My son was 8 years old when he started Learning Breakthrough Program. His fine and gross motor skills were very weak. He had problem with reading and listening comprehension. He could not bounce the ball or ride a bike. His handwriting was a disaster despite of having occupational therapy twice a week for 3 years already. In May he started this fantastic program. He looked forward to do different activity every day. Even though he had to do it twice a day, he thought it was fun. In September a new school year started. My son’s handwriting was perfect. His teacher said that she couldn’t believe that he has such a beautiful handwriting. And of course she asked me what did we do during the summer. I told her about Learning Breakthrough Program.

Very soon another surprise came. My son asked daddy to teach him to ride a bike without training wheels. We were so happy that he felt confident to try to learn. He had a beautiful new bike sitting in our house for 2 years. Whenever we wanted to teach him, he would say, “No, no, I don’t want I can’t do it.” They went outside, my son sat on a bike and just started riding without any assistance. My husband couldn’t believe his eyes. At the end of the school, his occupational therapist told me that he doesn’t need occupational therapist anymore. I talked to her about Learning Breakthrough Program all the time and she saw big improvement in my son, so she ordered it. Since that her students are improving their skills thanks to this great program. Also my sons reading comprehension has greatly improved. All his grades went up. He is 13 years old now and he still does this program before important tests. I recommend this program from the bottom of my heart.