Question: Does the program REALLY help with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorders, other learning and attention difficulties?

Answer: YES, if used correctly and consistently. The Learning Breakthrough ProgramTM helps to better organize the way the brain processes information and speeds up brain reaction time. Everything we do, such as reading, writing, speaking and playing sports involves our brain sending signals to our body parts. If your brain works better, you will perform better. Medical practitioners who use the program regularly describe it as one of the most powerful “brain fitness” tools they have.

Question: What about medications for ADHD/ADD (Attention Disorders)?

Answer: Properly prescribed and monitored drug therapy by a qualified medical doctor has been used for many years to treat ADD/ADHD. If you have concerns about possible side effects or simply do not want to take or have your child take medication, the Learning Breakthrough ProgramTM is often recommended by doctors as a respectable alternative. It does not work as quickly as a pill, however there are no side affects, safe for anyone and the results can be permanent. Just like taking medications, it is impossible to guarantee it will work with everyone. If you or your child is under the care of a physician, please consult with your doctor before making any change to medications. If your doctor is unaware of the program, suggest that he or she visit this website to learn about the program.

Question: Do I need any special training or outside help to use the Learning Breakthrough Program?

Answer: From 1982 until 2002, Dr. Belgau traveled the world teaching, mostly medical practitioners, such as occupational therapists, how to use and administer the program. In 2002 the program was revised to be easy to use by the average person, without the need for special training or outside help. The program comes with easy to use instructions, eliminating the need for special training or outside help. Once the user understands the important basic instructions, he or she can follow along with each day’s activities by viewing the included DVD. The activities are fun and have been designed to be easy to use by the average parent, clinician or teacher.

Question: How often and for how long do you perform the exercises?

Answer: We recommend doing the exercises for 15 minutes, twice a day for maximum benefit in the shortest period of time. Once a day will produce terrific results, but not as fast as twice a day. Medical practitioners have used the program once weekly with patients, along with other therapies, and find it a powerful tool. The new version available on this website makes it easy to use at home so more frequent use is possible. Many people experience improvements right away. However, lasting improvements may take from 6 to 12 months of daily use.

Question: How is the Learning Breakthrough Program different from other methods of improving attention, cognitive processing and physical performance?

Answer: Teachers, tutors and parents work hard to help children learn better. Unfortunately, a lot of the focus on learning programs addresses the symptoms only. Consequently, much of the hard work produces only limited results that don’t really get at the core issues that need to be addressed. Learning Breakthrough is different in that it addresses the way the brain processes information directly so that users perform better as a matter of built in processing strengths. This is the original, pioneering work that began in 1964 with painstaking trial and error and was formally published in 1982. Unlike other programs, Learning Breakthrough involves active feedback and ongoing user input that enables the brain to recalibrate itself to the universal environmental constant of gravity. Our balance function it turns out is a critical underlying reference point that many of our most basic brain functions rely on. Like having a computer with an internal timing mechanism that is not accurate and then becomes adjusted, our cognitive processes can be dramatically improved by promoting the brain’s precise and accurate interaction with our environment’s critical balance system. The basic tools and understanding that Learning Breakthrough pioneered have been incorportated in a number of other programs however, none contain the time tested activities and unique balance board that our affordable and easy to use program makes available to the average family.