The Learning Breakthrough Program™ is the original visual-motor therapy for improving cognitive performance. The Dore™ method was developed based on the longstanding principles of balance training (see # 1 below).


  • Multi-sensory therapy changes the brain through repetitive physical movements such as those provided by Dore™ or the Learning Breakthrough Program™. The Learning Breakthrough Program™ was recently revised to be easy to use without the need for professional help, which is one reason the Learning Breakthrough is so affordable (Dore provides various testing methods and support as part of their program).
  • The Learning Breakthrough™ exercises took years of trial and error to determine which precise movements and equipment made the most change in things like reading, speech, coordination and attention. Most all multi-sensory activities are good for cognitive and physical performance. What separates the Learning Breakthrough Program™ from other programs is the precision of the equipment and the movements, as well as the ease of use and affordability.
  • The Learning Breakthrough Program™ includes a follow-along video DVD where all the exercises are organized and structured into daily segments for ease of use. 
  • Dr. Belgau, the developer of the Learning Breakthrough Program™ has often been asked “Which exercises should I perform for ADHD, or Dyslexia etc”. His answer is always the same: “it is through the repetition of the variety of movements performed using my highly precise equipment that helps better organize the way the brain processes information. The therapy can affect numerous cognitive functions at the same time, such as reading and handwriting and attention. The Learning Breakthrough Program™ involves all the various senses and processes behind learning and performance. Our various senses such as visual, motor, auditory and balance are connected. The more they are “exercised” together, the more “integrated” they become and the better you will function. The program enables individual users to progress at their own pace to ever increasing challenge levels due to the unique precision equipment included”.
  • Learning Breakthrough™ has been relied upon by medical practitioners and special educators around the world since 1982. For decades, Learning Breakthrough™ seminars have been approved as CEU (continuing education units) for Occupational Therapists.

(#1) Below is the reference made in a research study published in the journal “Dyslexia” regarding the Learning Breakthrough Program™ (Belgau & Belgau, 1982) as the example given as the basis for the exercises of the Dore method).

dore article


We hope the above explains some of the differences between these programs and why you can expect the very best results from the affordable Learning Breakthrough Program™. If you have any questions, please call or email.