Excerpts from “A Life in Balance”, Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough”.

The autobiographical account of more than 30 years of dedicated effort and client interactions that led to Learning Breakthrough’s eventual understanding and acceptance by the world of professional educators, therapists, research and medical practitioners. The pioneering concepts that Frank Belgau champions have been adopted by other treatment approaches for decades. Now you will have the opportunity to get inside the experiences that led a dedicated teacher to explore the frontiers of neurological function and stick with a program he knew worked for troubled learners…even when the road got tiring and the world didn’t seem quite ready to listen.

Formal praise from medical and research specialists…

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book and its lifesaving content to all parents and professionals interested in bringing hope and significant help to millions of desperate people suffering from learning disabilities.”
     – Harold N. Levinson, M.D., author of Smart But Feeling Dumb; Director of the Levinson Medical Center for Learning Disabilities

As you read his moving story—and the stories of many other inspiring individuals presented in these pages—you will grow, as I did, in excitement and optimism. Tell teachers, tell other adults and professionals, tell the world that there is a too-well-kept secret that can help kids with so-called learning differences become champions.”
– Edward Hallowell, M.D., ADD/ADHD expert and noted author; Founder of the Hallowell Centers for Cognitive & Emotion Health

“A Life in Balance should be read and kept by every parent who has a child that has difficulty in learning to read, to write, and to copy from a book; a child who cannot concentrate for any period of time (ADD/ADHD) or has poor coordination—Dyspraxia.”
     – Peter Blythe, Ph.D., author, international lecturer; Founder of Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP)

Notes from the back cover…

In the mid-1960s, Frank Belgau was an elementary school teacher with a revolutionary idea: What if the children our education system had given up on—the ones the experts called “brain injured”—could actually learn to read?

Forty years later, Belgau’s remarkable insights into the nature and treatment of learning disabilities have fundamentally changed our understanding of the mind—and given thousands of young people the gift of literacy.

Written by his son, Eric, A Life in Balance documents Frank Belgau’s heroic attempts to uncover unconventional practices that would unlock their real potential. At its heart was one clear goal: Discovering what would create an immediate, observable improvement in reading. It’s a journey that culminates in the development of the Learning Breakthrough Program, Belgau’s cutting-edge (yet remarkably simple) therapeutic approach that strengthens the body and mind using movement and balance.

More than a treatise, A Life in Balance is an in-the-trenches look at the ceaseless research, powerful personalities, and supreme resistance Belgau encounters in this single-minded effort. And it’s a moving story of one man who simply wouldn’t give up on the most vulnerable among us when others would.