12 Months Live Support via Skype

  • Includes updated Complete Learning Breakthrough Program KitUsed since 1982 by Developmental Specialists Worldwide
  • Adjustable Variable Difficulty Belgau Balance BoardBuilt to last. Holds weight up to 300 lbs.
  • Updated Instruction Manual and Follow-Along DVDRevised to be easy to use by anyone!
  • Bean Bags, Super Ball Tossback, Pendulum Ball, Visual Motor Control Stick, Target Stand and PinsIncludes all equipment you need for success
  • Initial Assessment & Evaluation via Skype or Phone by Certified Provider. 1 1/2 hoursYou will know what to expect throughout the Program
  • Coach will go over proper use of equipment via Skype.This will assure correct use which is very important for success.
  • You will receive a phone call during weeks 1 and 2 from your coach to see how things are going and answer any questions.
  • Every 3 months thereafter for 1 year you will have a re-evaluation assessment via Skype
  • Throughout the year, you will receive emails from your coach and you can contact your coach for any type of assistance.
  • Free Shipping
  • One-on-One Support & Coaching, including the Complete Learning Breakthrough Program kit $1350 USD

ANOTHER WAY TO ORDER:  Purchase the complete Learning Breakthrough Program kit for $449 to use on your own without support and coaching. The stand alone program includes easy to use instructions and a follow along DVD. While most people can use or administer the program correctly, compliance and success dramatically increase when you receive support and coaching from an experienced provider (the same is true with most self help programs, such as weight loss and smoking cessation).  If you wish to try the program on your own, we can provide the program kit directly to you (and you can always add support and coaching at any time). 

Click to order the kit ONLY.