Frank Belgau, Ed.D. Program Developer

Candidate 21In the early 1960’s, Dr. Frank Belgau, working in the classroom with children suffering from reading problems, began carefully experimenting to see if he could find activities that made immediate, observable improvements in the children’s reading and academic performance. The procedure was simple and straight forward – the children read a passage orally, did ten to fifteen minutes of motor skills activity and then read a different passage from the same story. He listened to and compared the two reading samples over and over again while testing different combinations of motor activities. He also asked the students to report any differences they observed themselves.

Upon moving to the University of Houston, where he directed the Perceptual Motor and Visual Perception Laboratory, he continued his work and refined his observations. At the University he directed a parent training program in which parents and children spent 1-1/2 hours, twice a week for a month, working to overcome their reading and learning difficulties. Many of the parents in those programs were scientists associated with the NASA space program. Their insights helped direct his attention to the effect that balance and the vestibular system have on learning processes and, eventually, to the development of the Belgau Balance Board.

Since then he has observed and documented the activities done on the Belgau Balance Board with his own children, school-aged users, adults as well as therapeutic and medical professionals throughout the world. The results have been astounding!

Dr. Belgau developed the Learning Breakthrough Program because of his observations that many learning challenges are impacted by sensory integration disorders. The program is the direct and innovative result of observations, research, interactions and refinements made over the past 30 years. Its foundation is the Belgau Balance Board and includes those materials and activities that are the most effective in showing consistent improvement in reading, academic achievement, physical coordination and cognitive performance.

Dr. Belgau holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX and a Doctor of Education degree from Pacific States University in Los Angeles, CA.