Since 1982, thousands of parents and educators have changed the lives of the children in their care by including the whole brain teaching program Learning Breakthrough™ in their daily routine. The natural approach and drug-free benefits are suitable for a wide array of specific challenges as well as general academic improvement for the “average” student.


Drug Free Learning ProgramSchools and tutoring centers are wonderful settings in which to use the Learning Breakthrough Program because consistent and correct use is crucial to maximizing the program’s benefits. Teachers and educators of all types have employed the program in support of academic goals for decades and are uniquely positioned to monitor use, interact with family members and create an environment in which compliance is increased and feedback is maximized.

Parents are also critical for successful home use. Disorder or undiagnosed problems often keep children from succeeding with basic academic skills and this can generate feelings of great frustration. You are not alone in feeling this way. In many cases these problems can be effectively overcome, with at-home use of Learning Breakthrough, in as little as 15 minutes, twice a day. Our goal is to provide you with tools that will help your child overcome their challenges and unlock their true potential whether they have a diagnosed learning difficulty or are simply a “regular” student looking for a way to sharpen their skills and improve their grades.

The drug-free program has helped thousands of frustrated students and parents over the course of the last 30 years…as well as many gifted students. Our focus on those with learning challenges arises because we know these kids are not just held back from academic success, they struggle with emotional and social tolls that are greatly eased when their academic struggles are directly addressed.

Over the years, involved teachers and school therapists have used the Learning Breakthrough Program to help many children benefit who might not have otherwise received the necessary support that is crucial to making at-home use successful. Educators and parents work most effectively together when they nurture young minds and reinforce the joy that comes from seeing students succeed. Our program supports those efforts by strengthening the fundamental learning abilities of all the students who take the time to use it consistently.

Please take the time to view the presentation video on this website. There you will hear from a teachers, parents and students who use the program on a daily basis. We provide a group use manual specifically for schools and are happy to review our experiences implementing this format.  Individual teachers and OTs can use the program one on one as well.

A group school program requires a commitment of personnel and space. We are available to assist in planning and implementing a group program in your school. The program should ideally be used first thing in the morning in order to stimulate students and generate better focus throughout the day. A second session in the afternoon is the perfect way to get into a pre-home routine that really powers learning forward. The longer term benefits include better testing scores, total academic achievement, a solid foundation for improved math and reading abilities and ultimately, reduced anxiety and greatly improved self esteem.

If we can ever answer any specific parent questions or help teachers explore how to best use the program in school, please feel free to contact us.