Learning Breakthrough use leads to academic improvement by enhancing the way the brain organizes and processes information which prepares all users to learn more efficiently. It helps boost grades, reading abilities, math and science skills and overcome a wide variety of learning problems. Our proven approach puts powerful, cost effective tools within everyone’s reach.

Academic achievement is not always a reliable predictor of intelligence. Conversely, there are many highly intelligent children that perform unsatisfactorily in terms of academic success. When a student is trying their best yet does not seem to make any progress, the lack of academic performance is often a symptom of an underlying issue that needs to be resolved. Many learning problems can be linked to inefficient brain processes and sensory transmission skills which is exactly why the Learning Breakthrough Program has been made directly available to families for cost effective use in their homes.

Learning Aids

The program helps not only struggling children to catch up, but also average children to exceed standard expectations. The program enables users to address the roots of a brain processing problem enabling them to achieve lasting success. Our program works better, gives faster results, and costs less than traditional approaches.

Studies have shown that many children who do not perform well academically may also have poor motor skills development. The brain processes that are responsible for enabling strong motor skills are the same processes that must function efficiently in order for people to learn effectively. Psycho-motor skills and learning are both dependent on efficient sensory integration and sensory processing. If a person is not able to integrate the senses well, there is a good chance that they will not be able to perform well academically. This lack of sensory processing ability is often an undiagnosed reason that many people struggle academically.

We understand the frustration inherent in poor academic performance and it has been reported by teachers, therapists, parents and students that the Learning Breakthrough Program helps struggling students, not only to catch up, but to forge ahead to new heights of achievement. Our program improves the basic, foundational processes necessary for academic success. The activities are fun, easy to use and effective. Their ultimate purpose is to unlock human potential, reinforce a sense of academic confidence in the average student and build self esteem where it was previously flagging.

Based upon his research in the classroom and in university settings, Dr. Frank Belgau developed the Learning Breakthrough Program. It is a suite of specialized equipment and activities that use balance challenge and sensory integration techniques to stimulate, calibrate and strenghten the brain’s neural network.