Join thousands of home schoolers who begin each day with a 15 minute homeschooling curriculum add-on activity session to get kids focused and ready to learn. Learning Breakthrough’s fun yet powerful exercises enable students to absorb daily lessons better. The program is affordable and easy to use in your home.

Home SchoolingThere are a wide variety of home education methods and materials available. Regardless of the particular educational philosophy you adopt, Learning Breakthrough is the perfect way to begin the homeschool day.

Imagine your child focused and prepared to absorb his or her daily lessons. A quick, 15 minute Learning Breakthrough session at the start of the day does just that.

Use it again in the afternoon to break up the day and you will see a more alert and focused student. Your child may think of this as fun and games but the effects will be much more.

Dr. Belgau has been making his kits by hand for decades and teaching people how to use his program in small seminar settings. It is not surprising that some of the early adopters of his approach came from the home schooling community.

Program use no longer requires a seminar visit as all the tools you need are now availble in our easy to use and affordable program kits.

We have been very pleased with the results obtained by using the Learning Breakthrough Program. Overall, we have seen improvements in ability to focus and in self-confidence among all fourteen students who have used the program for the past ten months. We also think that the Learning Breakthrough Program is an important component in our overall academic program because it reduces the students’ tendency to be distracted.

Koinonia Academy is a tutoring service (K-12) for home-schooling families. Students typically come to the Academy one or more grade levels behind in reading, spelling, and math. These students have previously been in public schools or parochial schools, or they have been home-schooled. No matter what the type of educational environment the students come from, they all arrive at the Academy with serious deficiencies. Many of the children exhibit classic symptoms of ADD/ADHD and/or dyslexia. The Learning Breakthrough Program is an important tool in our efforts to remediate and then accelerate the learning of these students. –Leroy “Skip” Spiller: Director, Koinonia Academy USA – (989)686-3766


Your child will stand on a unique balance board and perform some fun exercises while watching an instructor on our work-along DVD. Performing these exercises helps to better organize the way the brain processes information and speeds up brain reaction time. You will read a lot about how this program is used to help those with Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties. Although your child may not suffer from any of these issues, the reasons it helps those clients are the same reasons that daily use will strengthen your efforts to provide the best learning skills to your child. Learning Breakthrough is one of the most powerful learning development strategies you could possibly use. Our money back return policy makes the purchase very low risk and you can order securely on this website for delivery to your home.

Since 1982, homeschoolers have trusted the Learning Breakthrough Program as the perfect way to start their home-school day. Try the program in your home and find out why this trust is so well placed.