Learning Breakthrough™ helps adults and children improve the verbal fluency and language development skills critical for clear expression of their aptitude, creativity and intelligence. Speech and language specialists from around the world recommend the program because it transforms the root sensory skills that make for permanent breakthroughs in these core communications skills.

Speech disorders refer to a problem with the actual production of sounds, whereas a language disorder refers to a difficulty understanding or putting words together to communicate ideas. Learning Breakthrough improves both functions by increasing the efficiency with which motor skills are controled and cognitive concepts are sequenced and executed.

Oral motor skills testing (verbal fluency) is one of the benchmark tests included in the program manual and is such an effective demonstration tool that Dr. Belgau has carried a voice recorder with him to all his training sessions for nearly 30 years. Even one session on the balance board can impact a “before and after” reading sample. Consistent repetition is obviously required to have a meaningful change in the speech of someone with a significant verbal skills deficit, but this observation is universal and naturally understood by the speech and language professionals that are among the program’s earliest adopters.


There has been renewed interest on the part of speech-language pathologists to understand how the motor system learns and determine whether principles of motor learning, derived from studies of non-speech motor skills, apply to treatment of motor speech disorders. Both theoretical and research data are supportive of the clinical results that show the efficacy of such exercises in resolving speech sound problems.


The proprioceptive, organizational, memory, sequecing, hemispheric timing integration, spatial awareness and vestibular function have been known to be pillars of the language acquisition process for many years. A program like Learning Breakthrough that works to calibrate and improve the neurological resoluton of these processes is a wonderful addition to a multi-modal treatment approach. The program is completely complementary to other approaches and has no risk associated with its inclusion whatsoever.


Along with auditory processing and reading problems, speech and language challenges are among the most approachable challenges that LBP addresses.