Learning Breakthrough™ is a multi-sensory brain training program designed to strengthen very basic brain processes and enable high level learning skills to flourish. While a lot of this information sounds complicated, the actual program itself is incredibly simple and easy to use by anyone age 6 and older.

syd w-bounce backOur Program

The foundation of growth, development, and learning starts with sensory and motor interaction with the world. Brain development starts with movement and sensory exploration. Sensory stimulation and feedback drive the brain, but the motor system drives sensory stimulation—you can’t have one without the other. This is at the core of the Learning Breakthrough Program™. Improving motor skills, sensory detection, and processing has to come before any higher learning, either behaviorally or academically, can take place. The program uses balance and physical movements to integrate our auditory, visual, motor planning, tactile, balance, body positioning and neurofeedback systems in order to strengthen neurotransmission and actually calibrate the brain’s functions. These systems do not act independendently, even though we sometimes describe them as if they do, but are instead layered upon one another, constantly interacting and coordinating over the same pathways to share information and execute our intentions. (Want even more in depth info? Click here for details of Brain Processes Targeted through program use.)


Learning Breakthrough Program’s™ specialized balance board activities can be done in a clinical, academic or home setting and are greatly aided by a follow-along DVD video that shows exactly how to perform each and every exercise. Balance therapy hinges on the relationship between the vestibular system (balance) and several other key functional areas in the brain. This is a program of balance, sensory processing and sensory integration activities designed to help better organize the way the brain processes information. Remember, most everything we do as humans involves the brain processing information which is why this program has a positive affect on many things we do everyday!

What the Program Is Not

The program does not provide memory drills, compensatory tricks or computer game interaction. Instead, through balance, motor skills execution, feedback, planning and repetition the program acts as a training platform to improve the brain’s processing abilities; targeting the roots of cognition and making efficient neuroplasticity gains possible. We work hard to be clear, direct and honest in all the information we provide. If you ever have questions, please contact us by phone or email.

Balance and Movement

Every intentional movement you make is a direct result of communication between your brain and various parts of your body. Navigating to this website, clicking buttons on a mouse, tapping information on a keyboard and reading these words is a direct result of your brain coordinating your goals and signaling your hands, fingers and eyes to act in combination with very abstract concepts and complex cognitive objectives. Such psycho-motor skills are so very basic to our existence and so fundamental to how we operate that they are truly taken for granted. This goes a long way toward explaining why new visitors, upon first hearing about the program, find it hard to associate such simple looking activities with improved learning ability. Learning Breakthrough™ operates on very basic neurological levels and understanding how the program impacts attention, academics, athletics and our entire cognitive life requires careful  review so that its logic is not misconstrued or underestimated.

Studies into the topic of neuroplasticity are generating a common understanding that “physical activity changes the brain”. Just like a piano student improves their ability to play through correct and frequent practice, cognitive and physical abilities can improve by consistently performing precise balance-challenging activities.

About Us

The activities and equipment that make up the Learning Breakthrough Program™ are the result of careful study, observation and a trial and error development approach pioneered by Dr. Frank Belgau starting in the mid 1960’s. Proper and consistent performance of these activities have a positive and significant impact on the ability to read, write, comprehend, remember, focus and perform academically and athletically. Improvement in these basic human functions has a positive impact on the way anyone gets along in life. People who suffer from the effects of various learning, attention and physical disorders tend to see the most dramatic changes in the shortest period of time with the Learning Breakthrough Program™. The objective for all users however is proper and consistent use for a long enough period of time that neuropathway development and performance changes become permanent.

We attempt to provide frank information and not make wild claims or try to elicit exaggerated hopes. We strive to provide honest, straightforward information to help visitors make well educated choices when it comes to learning enhancement. If you have more questions or want to discuss any aspect of the program in more detail please contact us by email or call 1-888-853-2762 (from outside US call +561-373-3640). Want to see all the equipment in action? Click on the See Program Demonstration video just below here, in the chalk board.