Absolutely! Look, people ARE helped by medication but many are concerned about potentially serious side effects. If you are looking for a respectable drug free alternative treatment, the Learning Breakthrough Program™ can dramatically help people who suffer from ADD/ADHD. This drug free ADHD treatment works at the root cause of focus and attention difficulties, not just the symptoms. (Listen to America’s most respected medical expert )


Used by medical professionals since 1982, and now available for easy home use, the Learning Breakthrough Program™ has helped thousands of children and adults:

  • Increase concentration
  • Attend to tasks longer
  • Filter out distractions
  • Moderate impulsive actions
  • Better coordinate thoughts and responses
  • Increase brain reaction times
  • Improve grades and work results
  • Create a comforting, consistent routine
  • Progress past their historical ADHD barriers
  • Avoid the side effects of stimulant medications
  • Overcome impact ADHD has on self-esteem
  • Greatly reduce negative behavioral responses
Be sure to watch the video where Dr. Ed Hallowell, MD talks about the program and how it is a respectable alternative and complementary drug free ADHD treatment.


    “Bryce can stay on task longer, has an easier time getting started and is doing homework without asking for help. He’s just doing so much more on his own. In school he is more engaged with other students and staff. He has more self confidence. Tremendous growth…I can’t thank you enough!” Jamie L. – Mother; Hartford, CT, USA

“The latest obvious improvement with my daughter is that a teacher at school accused my daughter of getting me to complete her assignment. The accusation came because her work was of a higher standard than the teacher was used to. I took the comment as a positive sign of improvement…I feel that people should know that there is an affordable alternative.” — Parent of child with ADD (Bunbury, Western Australia)

It is not widely known (and certainly not very logical) but people with ADD/ADHD have a slow brain reaction time. Stimulant medication, among other things, speeds up brain reaction time, which is why these drugs are prescribed for attention deficit disorders. Proper use of the Learning Breakthrough Program™ speeds up brain reaction time without the potential negative side effects of these powerful drugs. Additionally, daily tasks such as reading, writing, speech and athletics can improve  from program use. The program, which is easily done at home, works at a foundational level to improve brain fitness; just like aerobics, weight lifting and stretching improve physical fitness. The concepts and science behind the program are complex. We try to make it as easy as possible to understand, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone (561-373-3640 or 888-853-2762).

The program is structured and organized into daily sessions for ease of use by the average parent, teacher or professional (occupational therapists, optometrists, audiologists, speech therapists, psychologists, physicians) and comes complete with detailed instructions, benchmarking tests, all the necessary equipment and a work-along DVD for easy instruction. It is important to understand that benefits from a program such as the Learning Breakthrough™ come about when used correctly and consistently over a long enough period of time. When you (or your child) experience positive change, which may be noticed right away or within 3-4 weeks, your motivation to stick with it increases naturally.

A growing number of physicians are recommending The Learning Breakthrough Program™ to their patients. If your physician has nothing to offer other than drug treatment, please direct them to Dr. Hallowell’s page so they can learn about the safe, medication-free, “strength-based” Learning Breakthrough Program™. Many people get immediate help with ADD/ADHD through properly prescribed and monitored medication intended to increase brain reaction speeds. Many others ask physicians for an alternative to medications, either because they want to try something else first or are concerned about various side effects (known and unknown). Learning Breakthrough™ offers proven results without these risks.

The Learning Breakthrough Program™ is perfectly suitable for the average parent to use in their home or for the professional therapist to include in their practice. The affordability of the program makes it widely accessible and offers help with no risk as it comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.Order Now

*note: If you or your child are taking any prescribed medications for ADD/ADHD, do not stop taking the medication unless directed by your physician. Using the program along with medication may assist in reducing the dosage or eliminating the drug altogether. However, only your prescribing physician should make that decision.