Parent amazed by 7 year old’s academic and handwriting improvements after 7 weeks

Well it has been 7 weeks now since she started. The improvements to me may seem like nothing to some people but are quite frankly amazing to me. With this program there are various exercises that have to be completed twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each time. So I have been doing them in the morning before school and when she returns from school after about a half hour downtime. The noticeable improvements are:

She is seven years old and receives new words to spell each week. Previously, she was only receivng three words each week and she was struggling with those. However, after two weeks on the program the teacher increased it to four words and she got them all right. The following week they were increased to five words and she got them all right. She is now on six words a week and copoing. The rest of the class gets 10 words a week two.
The class were also receiving their multiplication tables to learn. My daughter wasn’t because it was just way too much for her. But before the Easter holidays she received the 2 and 10 tables. They have been learnt! She is now learning the 3 and 5 tables! It’s difficult but she is determined and practices everyday with me for five minutes straight after her exercises.
Her handwriting has improved significantly. Before, it was large with no spaces in between the words. Now it is much smaller and neater. She doesn’t slant of the page so much i.e that it is much more straighter. She is still joining all the words but the spaces pop up occasionally. But because we are taking more joy in reading her work this seems to have encouraged her and now she will sit down and write letters and little statements al the time now.
Her teacher approached me at the end of term and said that she has noticed that she is working more independently now, not so much one to one.
We had a meeting with the head teacher and the key stage 1 teacher. They are encouraged with her progress and will be monitoring. We just have to involve them as much as possible.
Finally, her speech is much more improved. She suddenly comes up with a new word that I wouldn’t expect her to know from time to time. Her speech is more fluent and I can now talk to her more appropriately for her age.

So it’s all small improvements but the overall picture is very positive and I am very encouraged.