Learning Breakthrough™ improves adult learning as it sharpens cognitive and physical performance that weaken as we grow older. Neural connections are dramatically increased with serious but simple balance and sensory training, delivering wonderful help to adults struggling with learning skills, physical rehabilitation and brain fitness issues.

Balance, muscle control and cognitive decline are some of the most important challenges that naturally accompany aging. One of the main reasons people over the age of 60 visit a doctor is because of a balance related issue.  In the case of mental and physiological sharpness as we age, there is mounting evidence that supports the wisdom of the phrase “use it or lose it”.

Current research indicates that our brains maintain “plasticity” as we age, meaning that brain development does not remain fixed and that you can in fact teach “old dogs” new tricks. This has profound implications for adults who have struggled with learning challenges their whole life or those who are undergoing rehabilitation for an injury or stroke. Even more enticing to adult clients striving to keep mentally fit is the idea (neuroplasticity) that you are never too old to improve the brain’s processing skills and that real quality of life improvements are available to those who make an effort.


Learning Breakthrough Program™ has been used for decades by developmental optometrists, among others, to treat stroke victims and patients recovering from traumatic brain injuries. The brain changing aspects of the simple and fun program activities will improve your balance, dexterity, motor skills, coordination, memory, comprehension and other cognitive functioning.

Consider the program holistic brain fitness or a “brain gym in a box” which is exactly what it is. There are many things experts say we can do to improve the quality of our daily living as we age. Genetics, environmental influences and other “unknowns” all have an impact on how we age but if you keep your brain processing skills as strong as possible, you improve your chances of having a better quality of life as time goes on.

So many of the injuries that occur as we age are the direct result of falls and other balance related difficulties. On its surface, the Learning Breakthrough Program is proprioceptive remediation training which improves balance or vestibular control. And because balance (the sensing of gravity) is relied on by the brain as a baseline calibration point, the program is also excellent at improving more complex cognitive processes generally. Consistent program use leads to better cognitive functioning which tends to decline as we age.

Keep up with physical conditioning like aerobic exercise, walking, strengthening and stretching. Add the Learning Breakthrough Program for balance and sensory stimulation and you will enhance your chances of aging productively and gracefully.