"Not only does it work, but it STICKS" says mother of 13 year old

I can't tell you how much the Learning Breakthrough helped our son! I had him perform it daily for a year when he was 9. Now he's 13, LOVES to read, and reads above his grade level. So not only does it work, but it STICKS. Contact me anytime for more information. I KNOW that this program is beneficial, legitimate, and worth every penny it cost us.   


dyslexia success stories
Kate J. – Mother, USA

Psychologist's son (8 years old) see improvements in motor skills, athletics, reading, comprehension and grades

My son was 8 years old when he started Learning Breakthrough Program. His fine and gross motor skills were very weak. He had problem with reading and listening comprehension. -Read More-

Psychologist’s son (8 years old)

Parent amazed by 7 year old's academic and handwriting improvements after 7 weeks

Well it has been 7 weeks now since she started. The improvements to me may seem like nothing to some people but are quite frankly amazing to me. With this program there are various exercises that have to be completed twice a day for  -Read More-

social difficulties that result from dyslexia
SCartwright – forum poster, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Mother describes tremendous growth in school, homework and confidence

Bryce can stay on task longer, has an easier time getting started and is doing homework without asking for help. He’s just doing so much more on his own. In school he is more engaged with other students and staff. He has more self confidence. Tremendous growth...I can't thank you enough!
Jamie L. – Mother; Hartford, CT, USA

Grandfather shares many improvements in reading, writing, behavior and more

My wife and I are cautiously optimistic about what we are seeing. For example, on the third day of the 3rd week Casey did a very long homework session (45 minutes) on MCAS testing prep. Reading and writing open ended paragraphs. There were zero complaints and no whining with very neat handwriting. This was perhaps the first time we have experienced such a session. Two days before that she independently asked her teacher for an extra math packet to work on over the weekend. We have never seen that before. Her daily demeanor has improved. There is less contentiousness and more calm. Not perfect by a long shot, but the balance between the two has improved. She does daily out loud reading to us for 15 minutes. Now she does this better and with no arguments or fights. But the most incredible event of all was when 30 or so minutes after we had a big fight and argument over her behavior she came to me, put her head on my shoulder and said “I am sorry for the way I behaved.” That had NEVER, EVER happened before. I have not told any of her teachers about the program but I did send an email yesterday to one of them asking how she is doing.

If this progress keeps coming I think we will have worked a miracle. I will keep you posted.

Frank Yans – Grandfather; USA

Adopted children see focus improvements - and interesting neurotransmitter observations

I wrote you a while back about my two kids on your program. It has been 19 weeks for my son (age 10) and 18 weeks for my daughter (age 7). I have definitely seen improvement in ability to focus, even though they are not “all the way there” yet they keep on improving. I think that there are other areas of improvements overall that are difficult to articulate. My daughter is just learning to read in 1st grade, but she is doing quite well. I like the discipline of the program.

Here is something quite interesting. My kids have been part of an ongoing research study in the psychology department at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, TX. They do urine samples periodically to test their neurotransmitter levels. They have found that internationally adopted kids generally have very high levels of excitatory neurotransmitters such as dopamine, PEA and glutamate, and very low levels of inhibitors such as serotonin.

In about 2 years of testing, both of my kids neurotransmitter levels have been out of whack, despite numerous protocols of targeted amino acid therapies. But the first test that we did after beginning learning breakthrough for BOTH kids, the neurotransmitter levels were mostly in acceptable ranges. This is amazing to me, even if not provable scientifically. I have to think that the balancing excercises of Learning Breakthrough have something to do with it. I thought that you would like to know about this.

Janie – Mother; Texas, USA

Dr. Hallowell's letter helps parent find LBP - results impress child's tutor

When a friend first forwarded Dr. Hallowell’s letter — I thought it was some kind of snake oil promotion. If it hadn’t been for this particular friend’s level of sophistication — I wouldn’t have read through it and gotten to the realization that this is the same Dr. Hallowell who authored two books sitting on my bookshelf! Further, I recognized the similarity between these exercises and those my daughter did during a limited number of sessions she had with an occupational therapist here in San Antonio. At the time, we were living mostly in NY City -- so I was able only to get her to these sessions one summer.

Despite just 4 days — and a rough start on some of the exercises — she nevertheless has been noticing a difference in focus. So did her tutor on only Day 2. He said she was ‘amazing’ -- she’d work done in advance (rare) and did concentrated, high level work with him. And that was before I showed him the program online, which he then wrote down the url in order to show it to the principal of his school.

Margo – Mother; San Antonio, TX, USA

Son with ADHD and mild autism sees improvements - eliminates medication

My husband ordered the Learning Breakthrough kit for our son about two and a half years ago. He is ten now. I checked it out on the net after I heard about the Dore program which was not practical for us as we live in Nigeria and couldn't travel for consultations every two months. My son had developmental speech delay with ADHD and some mild features of autism spectrum and also learning difficulties in school.

The first week we spent practising standing on the board and following the bean bag with his eyes. At the end of that week the SEN teacher from school called me to say my son could now remember his letters! I work and after a month could not cope with doing the sessions twice a day as it could be very frustrating for both of us. I am not the most patient of mothers and would end up yelling at my poor son who used to try very hard. He found following the bean bag with his eyes very difficult but he loved the super toss balls and became a champion pendulum hitter. We did them once a day for a year. He came off ritalin after about ten months and started tailing off anticonvulsants about 3 months later. He can read now although about still 1 year below his age level and now meets his SEN targets. He does well in maths and is well behaved in school which is mainstream. His whole life has been changed for the better. In his last report his teacher said he has a good attitude to learning and was a pleasure to have in class and got on well with his classmates. No more fighting, yelling or walking around at the wrong time. His speech and comprehension are improving every day. In fact in June he asked if he could do the program again and we did it for 12 weeks.

So I am so grateful for the program. I just thank Almighty God for the positive difference in our lives and I hope if we can do it for 3 months every year we will see even more improvement. He is still making benefits from it.

Thank you and God bless you for the program.

Mrs. F. A. – Mother, Nigeria

Daughter receives award for "Most Improved Student" in reading and math

I purchased the program in February of this year for my 9 year old, very distractible, fidgety daughter. Previous to this I had tried many approaches to help increase her concentration, including spending approx $1000 on sessions with a therapist during the summer that I consider a complete rip off. In particular we were never able to get her to read the 20-30 min/day as part of her homework assignment. I encountered quite a few objections from friends and family when I excitedly discussed your program...most were very dubious about how and if this would work. My daughter received the award for most improved student in reading and math at the end of spring semester. Her reading has gone from 120 to 200 wpm and math is in 95 percentile...need I say more!! Thank you.
J. Maranto – Mother; USA

Parent amazed by 7 year old's academic and handwriting improvements after 7 weeks

Well it has been 7 weeks now since she started. The improvements to me may seem like nothing to some people but are quite frankly amazing to me. With this program there are various exercises that have to be completed twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each time. So I have been doing them in the morning before school and when she returns from school after about a half hour downtime. The noticeable improvements are:

She is seven years old and receives new words to spell each week. Previously, she was only receivng three words each week and she was struggling with those. However, after two weeks on the program the teacher increased it to four words and she got them all right. The following week they were increased to five words and she got them all right. She is now on six words a week and copoing. The rest of the class gets 10 words a week two.
The class were also receiving their multiplication tables to learn. My daughter wasn't because it was just way too much for her. But before the Easter holidays she received the 2 and 10 tables. They have been learnt! She is now learning the 3 and 5 tables! It's difficult but she is determined and practices everyday with me for five minutes straight after her exercises.
Her handwriting has improved significantly. Before, it was large with no spaces in between the words. Now it is much smaller and neater. She doesn't slant of the page so much i.e that it is much more straighter. She is still joining all the words but the spaces pop up occasionally. But because we are taking more joy in reading her work this seems to have encouraged her and now she will sit down and write letters and little statements al the time now.
Her teacher approached me at the end of term and said that she has noticed that she is working more independently now, not so much one to one.
We had a meeting with the head teacher and the key stage 1 teacher. They are encouraged with her progress and will be monitoring. We just have to involve them as much as possible.
Finally, her speech is much more improved. She suddenly comes up with a new word that I wouldn't expect her to know from time to time. Her speech is more fluent and I can now talk to her more appropriately for her age.

So it's all small improvements but the overall picture is very positive and I am very encouraged.

SCartwright – forum poster, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Psychologist's son (8 years old) see improvements in motor skills, athletics, reading, comprehension and grades

My son was 8 years old when he started Learning Breakthrough Program. His fine and gross motor skills were very weak. He had problem with reading and listening comprehension. He could not bounce the ball or ride a bike. His handwriting was a disaster despite of having occupational therapy twice a week for 3 years already. In May he started this fantastic program. He looked forward to do different activity every day. Even though he had to do it twice a day, he thought it was fun. In September a new school year started. My son’s handwriting was perfect. His teacher said that she couldn’t believe that he has such a beautiful handwriting. And of course she asked me what did we do during the summer. I told her about Learning Breakthrough Program.

But wait, there's more!
S.D. – Psychologist, Pedagogue, and Preschool teacher; Queens, NY

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