Sequencing Studies have validated the premise that Attention Deficit Disorder is a reliable predictor of motor skill deficiencies. It has also been identified that approximately half of all children with developmental coordination disorders suffer from varying degrees of ADHD and that children with motor skill disorders experience restricted reading abilities. A variety of motor skill…


Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness is the organized perception, tracking and monitoring of the objects in the space around us as well as our body’s position in that same space. Without this awareness we would not be able to pick food up from our plates and put it in our mouth. We would have trouble reading because we could not see the letters in their correct relation to each other and to the page. Athletes would not have the precise awareness of the position of other players on the field and the movement of the ball which is necessary to play effectively. It is another fundamental brain function that informs all higher level cognitive activities.


Sensory Integration

sensory integration

Human beings are generally described as having have five senses, but live in one world. In order to form a complete and accurate picture of the world around us, we need to integrate the information from all of our senses so that we can match the sound of a jet engine with the small silver streak overhead, or small round object we feel with our hands with the white baseball we see with our eyes.


Learning Breakthrough’s Impact on Handwriting

Impact on Hand Writing.  The Learning Breakthrough Program uses balance as a central component in addressing brain processing difficulties. Program activities help develop greater integration between the two hemispheres of the brain and vital connections to many other brain structures necessary to improve the task of writing. The ability to write neatly and quickly is an…


How Educators Can Utilize The Learning Breakthrough Program

Since 1982, hundreds of educators and therapists have brought the Learning Breakthrough Program to students for a wide variety of issues. The foundational brain structures that the program focusses on make this powerful, drug-free approach suitable for a wide array of challenges as well as general “brain fitness” for those without any specific challenges. Schools…


Learning Breakthrough’s Impact on Memory

The Learning Breakthrough Program has a profound impact on neural network development and the brain’s recall efficiency, both of which affect memory and the retrieval of information.

learning breakthrough improves memory

The dictionary defines memory as the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience. Memory functions are among the most basic and critical brain functions that human beings rely on for nearly all of the activities that make life meaningful. It is also the case that the efficiency with which we “remember” things (i.e.-process, retain and recall information) is crucial to improving cognitive ability.