Absolutely! You can improve your memory and overall brain fitness and power by using the Learning Breakthrough Program™.

And, it is easier than you might ever imagine. Simply put, you stand on a unique balance board and follow along as a video instructor guides you through precise movements (tossing bean bags, tapping a hanging ball etc.). These exercises create neural connections to improve brain performance. Each daily session takes 15 minutes. There is a lot of information on this website, so take your time to learn about this sometimes difficult to understand brain organizing therapy.


Brain FitnessAs we grow older, our brains gradually lose speed, accuracy and recording strength for processing information from our senses. It also submits to hard-to-break habits that we are not even fully aware of. This results in a natural, progressive loss of memory and other cognitive abilities. The results of improved neuroplasticity and neurogenesis functions that come from the Learning Breakthrough™ activities result in the following benefits:

  • Faster brain function
  • Improved accuracy
  • Strengthen recall and comprehension
  • Better and longer concentration and focus

This type of brain fitness takes a novel, non-invasive approach to improving cognitive function. By requiring the brain to repeatedly perform a set of tasks that demand precise sequential, spacing, positioning, movement and planning operations (at ever increasing levels of challenge) Learning Breakthrough™ acts as a calibration tool to strengthen the muscle of the brain…the neural network.

Challenging one’s balance system while mandating specialized movement tasks, provides a highly effective method to develop the brain’s operational effectiveness. The Learning Breakthrough Program™ has one critical way to address the “individualized” needs of users. This is through the custom designed balance board which very precisely and incrementally adjusts to suit each user’s unique rate of progress. Combined with consistent repetition of activities, that have been carefully developed over almost 30 years, brain fitness is improved at a level that is so fundamental, it is being applied in fields as wide ranging as special education, chiropractic, stroke rehabilitation, emotional management, attentional performance, speech and language development, learning difficulties, athletic performance and sports medicine, sensory and auditory processing studies and of course occupational therapy.

The background concepts most at play within the program are neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, the brain’s natural ability to employ new neurons and adapt the way they travel. By developing a way to strengthen and refine our neural networks, the program operates at a very foundational level and builds “brain fitness” that is invaluable and healthy for all. No medications, no crazy claims. Commitment to daily use is critical and the benefits that follow are very analogous to those of weight lifting and other fitness activities to the physical body.


Students and adults who use the program report improvements in reading, writing, mathematics, focus, attention, memory, hearing, vision, balance, self-esteem, confidence, motivation, anger management, impulse control, test scores, comprehension, problem solving and of course grades.


In the same way that regular physical workouts keep the body limber and healthy, regular mental and neurological workouts help keep your mind and nervous system in good working order. “Use it or lose it” is a favorite saying among those who study the brain. The Learning Breakthrough Program™ is one of the best ways to brain fitness.