Brain Exercises
Recent scientific studies have clearly shown that aerobic exercise is good for your brain health. Healthier brains help people with learning and attention difficulties, such as Dyslexia and ADHD.
Did you know that since the early 1980’s, developmental specialists have used specific, targeted exercises, developed by Dr. Frank Belgau, to dramatically help these children and adults? The Learning Breakthrough Program is the most comprehensive suite of targeted exercises available anywhere that helps better organize the way the brain processes information and speeds up brain reaction time.
When I was a child, back in the early 1950s, we were outside everyday, throwing balls and moving in ways that many kids today rarely experience. It turns out that many of these movements are crucial to brain development. The simple act of crawling as a baby has a real impact on cognitive development (there is a higher rate of learning disabilities in children who never crawled than those who did crawl!).
So, it is no wonder many people are greatly concerned about too much “screen” time with kids today, be it TV or computer use. I remember a mother telling me once that for every hour her son played video games, he did a 15 minute Learning Breakthrough Program segment, especially before beginning homework. We don’t know for sure about video use but we do know that targeted physical movements change the brain in a way that learning and attention become more efficient and focused.
So, if you know someone who struggles with learning or attention, send them to our website to read about the program. If they decide to use the program, they will be grateful for your suggestion.