Two happy mothers just wrote to us and (actively) asked that we share their stories with you. 
One mom said, “I would love my son’s experience to benefit someone!” Maybe that someone is you…

Another mom of a college student says, “Thank you for opening Michael’s world.”

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Dear Learning Breakthrough Staff,

For the past 5 months my son, Michael, has been actively participating in the Learning Breakthrough Program through The Hallowell Center. He performs the exercises 2-3 times a day with the DVD. The beauty of the DVD is that it is visual and easy to follow.

Thus far the results have been remarkable. He has gone from a young adult who lived in total chaos, to one who voluntarily and easily has a clean and picked up room, a structured daily routine and a new glint in his eye!

A bright boy, barely making his way through college Michael is now talking about pursuing a career in medicine or other graduate studies. A year ago we were all at our wit’s end and very concerned for his future. Now we are optimistic that Michael will lead the happy, productive life we all envisioned for him.

Thank you for opening Michael’s world.

Best, Jen T., 
New York

—— // ——

Dear Learning Breakthrough,

My son’s story is different to the stories I have read and I would love my son’s experience to benefit someone! I don’t believe there is enough advertising out there on this sort of thing. I am just sorry it took us so long before trying your product to help my son. It is funny that parents only seem to talk openly when their child is bright and achieving at school. I remember being very private about our fears and confusion of our son’s difficulties, hence feeling very isolated although being on the parents PTA committee.

My son always had good balance, played all sports and had received a tennis scholarship at the age of 5. He knew his alphabet at 20 months and then went onto read and write extremely well at school (aged 4.5). However, he never spoke much, but his pronunciation was very good so his teachers never worried. He then seemed to get less and less happy at school by the time he was 7. It was oblivious to me that something was wrong.

He couldn’t seem to absorb information that was in text or spoken. He refused to do an end of year test at school by turning the paper over without even attempting it. By this time the school had written him off as not being very intelligent. We knew different, as we believed he had a good brain. It just didn’t add up. We were in despair as our son could not seem to absorb or retain information so I started to research and thank goodness I found Learning Breakthrough on the internet.

I immediately purchased a kit and my son loved your daily exercises as he found them great fun. It seemed so strange, we couldn’t quite believe it. He started to be able to digest and retain information. His tests improved so much! He seemed a lot happier in himself, more upbeat. That was a real turning point for him. We then had him re-assessed by the Speech & Language therapist, who in the past confirmed that there were enormous holes in his vocabulary and upon being re-tested we found these holes have now been addressed and there are no more gaps.

The theory of using your product feels very simple to me. It exercises the brain in every way. This opens up and gets the brain chemicals moving as all movements have been designed for that.

Regards, E. W., England