A Breakthrough Success Story

I want to introduce you this week to Susan. Susan has taken the Learning Breakthrough Program to areas that people have been asking about for years.

Look at this recent news article found in the largest newspaper in N. Ireland that Susan recieved by helping parents and families in the UK.

A little background

Let me tell you about a few things I have learned from Susan after working with her for the past 2 years:

Susan worked in insurance for 26 years (the last 15 as a financial advisor) before deciding to provide the Learning Breakthrough Program.

She started providing the program to her friends on a trial basis, in her part time.

Now Susan makes a full-time living helping and supporting people who are looking for solutions that the Learning Breakthrough Program can provide.

The Interview

Last week I interviewed Susan over Skype, to talk about the successes she has experienced in the past couple years.

Here are a few takeaways from the interview

She had 2 young boys struggling with low concentration, bad behavior and learning difficulties.

School did not help, the principal (headmaster) made her feel like she was doing a bad job parenting.

Her oldest son, diagnosed with ADHD, had a complete turnaround and is now in a prestigious culinary school training to be a chef.

Her youngest son, diagnosed with Dyslexia, dramatically improved his readinglevel, among other things, and now plays Scrabble with the Oxford Dictionary with his mother.

Susan invested in a program that was based on the Learning Breakthrough Program, that included clinic visits and monitoring that cost her over £2,000 per child ($4000 US Dollars).

(Watch the video at the bottom of this post)

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