Many of us in the LD community have children and the need to plan summer activities just like many of the families we work with. Learning Breakthrough always gets a push at the beginning of the summer by families that know they can use the flexible time that summer brings to get kids onto the equipment and working in a fun way in advance of the next school year. We also hear from parents about their LBP advances and get recommendations on the creative ways they fill their family time.

In that vein, the following article outlining “Summer Activities for ADHD Kids” is a sampling of some great ideas and general approaches for the ADHD parent that reminds us how a little bit of structure, combined with the good fun of summer, and input from our children, can make for fun days that build family connections and memories. Working with ADHD always takes more planning for those of us who work with it but it also affords us more time than usual (outside the stressful school year) to build skills, reconnect with our families and do some “brain boosting” over long summer days instead of walking straight into the feelings of “boredom” that ADHD kids readily default to.