sensory integration

Human beings are generally described as having have five senses, but live in one world. In order to form a complete and accurate picture of the world around us, we need to integrate the information from all of our senses so that we can match the sound of a jet engine with the small silver streak overhead, or small round object we feel with our hands with the white baseball we see with our eyes.

Our three-dimensional model of the world provides the framework into which all other sensory data must be integrated. Because the vestibular system is the basis of this three-dimensional model, our effectiveness in communicating information accurately between the senses and to the brain is limited by the precision of the vestibular system.

The Learning Breakthrough Program helps people improve cognitive function by improving the way information is transmitted between different sensory centers in the brain all of which rely fundamentally on the sense of balance. This is the reason that all program activities take place on our specially desgned balance board.