positive qualities of adhd

When we think of ADHD, we may well think first of a child who is loud, hyper, and inattentive, among other things. While these traits are certainly hallmarks of ADHD, they can be controlled with proper treatment. However, despite these negative characteristics, children with ADHD can learn to see their disorder as having many positive traits as well; traits that could benefit them as they mature into adulthood. In this article we examine two common characteristics of ADHD that when channeled properly, can actually provide many benefits to a child.

Lots of Energy
Most people wish they had more energy to get things done. Kids with ADHD have no problem in that department. Althoughpositive qualities of adhd an abundance of energy can cause problems in situations where sitting quietly is desired, such as in school, at other times, having an untapped energy reserve can be one of the most positive qualities of ADHD. When channeled properly, children can use that energy to quickly complete chores at home, complete their homework or projects for school, or engage in play, sports and other physical activities. Going out for a sport at school, joining a volunteer organization and other activities that require high energy may be a great fit for your ADHD child.

Thinking Outside the Box
The distractibility and lack of focus a child with ADHD often demonstrates can be extremely frustrating – both for him and his parents and teachers. However, a mind that is never still is one that is also creative. A child with ADHD is always thinking and thinking fast. Being able to think on their feet and see alternate solutions to problems makes these traits highly valuable assets to have. Children with ADHD can be excellent writers, artists, and problem solvers. Projects that require creativity, such as helping with the school play or helping implement plans for a school carnival are excellent ways that your child can use the positive qualities of ADHD to their advantage.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to realize, ADHD can provide many positive benefits to a child. Learning to view their disorder in positive terms and how to funnel their energies in a positive direction is key to taking charge of ADHD and making it work for them. A child with ADHD will always have to work around some of their symptoms. But fortunately, there are many treatment options available that facilitate movement towards more productive functioning. For additional information about ADHD and drug-free treatments for ADHD, visit the Learning Breakthrough Program’s ADHD page.