How to adjust the distance between the Belgau Balance Board and the arc of the pendulum ball is a common question for those starting to use the program. The following answer to an email question from a new client should be helpful.

“The pendulum ball should swing out and back to ABOUT the belly button height on the user. This is not mandatory. You may find that it is more comfortable if the ball comes up a little higher. Whatever works best and gives the user the most precise and consistent feeling for tracking and hitting the ball is a good setting. The final setting varies of course from person to person so feel free to adjust the distance for comfort and ease of use.

My usual recommendation is to start with the board about 4 feet from the ball and adjust from there. The hanging height and swing pattern of the pendulum ball will have a lot to do with the distance that eventually gets decided on.

I hope this is helpful. What ever is comfortable and helpful and keeps the eye tracking, movement preparation and feedback feeling smooth is the place to end up.”

We are always happy to help out with more subtle details and any other questions that come up. Learning Breakthrough’s equipment is very specialized and things that we take for granted are not always so intuitive to new users. Keep up the daily work and let us know about other equipment set up questions that come up.