Scientists doubt claims from computer-based brain-training games. Physical exercise cited to increase cognitive functioning.

Drug-Free Treatments for ADHDLouis Weissman, the CEO of The Learning Breakthrough Program responded to the October findings by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Stanford Center on Longevity concerning the limitations of commercial computer-based brain training programs (such as Lumosity etc.) to improve cognitive functioning in users. There is clearly a strong patient and consumer demand for safe, reliable, and sustainable brain training programs. Unfortunately there are strong indications that the gains users achieved from computer-based programs are not transferable to other contexts and/or these gains do not sustain for most users” cites the Max Planck Institute report.

Mr. Weissman added that, “the Learning Breakthrough Program, has always been unique in the field of brain training as we offer a product that is not computer-based, but is rather centered 100% upon gentle physical exercises that stimulate the user’s cerebellum and vestibular system. Our staff have helped thousands of users complete the program with tremendous gains to their cognition, attention, and focus. We remain committed to verifying these results via an objective and rigorous research design. We are currently collaborating with academic psychologists and scientists
to establish a research protocol to this end. Moreover, Learning Breakthrough is encouraged by David Habrick’s December 2nd Scientific American coverage of the Planck/Stanford findings which reiterates how aerobic exercise, in contrast to computer-game-based products, is a proven brain-training intervention. Mr. Weissman is eager for in depth research into the Learning Breakthrough Program in the next year. “We see peoples lives changing every day, kids with Dyslexia, ADHD and other learning challenges dramatically reduced or eliminated from daily performance of the targeted physical exercises provided by the Learning Breakthrough Program”. Mr. Weissman adds “I have no doubt research will prove what so many people have experienced for all these years is true”.

The Learning Breakthrough Program is a dynamic, targeted cerebellar-physical exercise program used since 1982 to treat learning disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia, and sensory integration disorders.