Strengthen Your Brain
When I was a kid, back in the dark ages of the 1950s, your IQ score defined you as either average, a genius or “slow”. And, everyone believed that could never change. You were born with a brain that worked a certain way and that was it!
Well, we know now this is simply not true. Our brains can change throughout our lifespan. We CAN teach an “old dog” new tricks!
It is well known that if you do aerobics, stretching and strength training, your PHYSICAL body will become stronger, more able to handle the physical demands of living on earth. You will walk better, have more stamina, lift things easier etc. etc. So, a person who is physically weak can, at any age, become stronger.
So, what about your brain? Can it become stronger, better able to handle the MENTAL demands of living on earth? The answer is a resounding YES!
The question is “HOW can we strengthen our brain”?
  • We hear a lot these days about playing certain computer games as a way to better “brain fitness” as well as puzzles and brain teaser tests.
  • Studies have shown that aerobic exercise is good for brain health.
  • Proper nutrition through quality eating and/or supplements can have a positive impact.
  • Connection to people, love and social engagement all add to a more healthy brain.
While the jury is still out about computer games and brain fitness software, the other things on this list we know are good for our brain. So, is there a way to affect our brain so you can learn better, remember more and perform at a higher level?
One answer seems is found in therapies used for decades to help people with true learning disabilities, such as Dyslexia. These therapies get to the root cause of why a person can’t read or write or even speak. There are people who suffered a stroke and lost their ability to speak but were able to regain their speech. There are children years behind in reading who catch up quickly, not because of reading drills, but because they were fortunate enough to be given a therapy that made their brain work better. Even though you may not have a “learning disability”, a therapy that works on the foundational structures of the brain will allow you to perform better, physically and mentally!!
Back in the 1960s the pioneering young Dr. Frank Belgau, who many considered a NUT, discovered that you can make the brain work better by stimulating the “senses” involved in daily function. Centered around balance, Dr. Belgau developed a suite of physical movements and equipment that helped better organize the way the brain processes information. Occupational Therapists and Develpmental Vision specialists began incorporating his method with great success. Unfortunately, the money to perform the detailed research such as that by the large drug companies, was not available so this powerful therapy never became “headline” news, like aerobics for the physical body.
Now, thousands of people have used this therapy to change their lives and the lives of their loved ones and patients. Some 20,000 people, between 2001 and 2008, spent nearly $4000 USD to use this therapy. Unfortunately, much of that money went to needless expensive “medical” testing, that had no affect on the outcome.
Now, the ORIGINAL program is available for $400 (plus shipping) to the average person and it no longer requires professional assistance. Click here to learn more about the original “Learning Breakthrough Program” and how you can change your brain for the better.