Well, that is a good question, one that the medical and scientific world is yet to fully answer. But as a parent, should we really wait until the “jury is out”? Are adhd and video games connected? Can playing too much video games also cause ADD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities? Certainly an important question…

The American Academy of Pediatricians urge NO time in front of a screen for kids under 2 and no more than 2 hours for older children.

Common sense tells us, as does a lot of the information floating around, that too much screen time makes for poor sleep, reduced creativity, more bullying, increased obesity and problems paying attention. Iowa State University researchers found middle school kids spending more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen are twice as likely to have attention issues as compared to those children who spent less than 2 hours. This was reported by their teachers! There is disturbing research out of Singapore and the UK as well.

Whether or not you believe there is a such thing as “gaming or internet addiction”, it appears that more harm than good to child development results from excessive screen time.

So, remove tv sets from bedrooms, help your kid find other activities (there are “games” other than on the computer, remember?), turn off the tv during meals, set limits for screen use and set a good example yourself.

I have had parents tell me that they have their child do a 15 minute Learning Breakthrough Program segment after playing video games just before doing homework. The brain organizing activities of the Learning Breakthrough Program along with the visual eye tracking exercises that are involved help stay on task and make reading and learning better. Children may benefit from this 15 minutes of targeted physical exercises that work on their brain’s as a pre-cursor to doing their homework. Imagine trying to do your “homework” after coming out of an intense visual movie for instance…

It seems possible that ADHD and video games are linked, but what do you think?

Also see this excellent video supporting there is a connection between the two: