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The Learning Breakthrough Program is the original visual-motor therapy for improving cognitive performance. The Dore method was developed based on the highly regarded Learning Breakthrough therapy (see # 1 below).

  • The benefits you receive from Dore or the Learning Breakthrough Program (LBP) come from exercises performed IN YOUR HOME. Developmental specialists have used the Learning Breakthrough Program since 1982. It has been revised to be easy to use without the need for professional help, which is why the LBP is a fraction of the cost of Dore (Dore cost $4000, LBP cost $400 plus shipping).
  • The Learning Breakthrough exercises took years of trial and error to determine which precise movements and equipment made the most change in things like reading, speech, coordination and attention. Most all visual-motor-balance activities are good for cognitive and physical performance. The thing that separates the Learning Breakthrough Program from Dore or other programs is the precision of the equipment and the movements, as well as the ease of use and affordability.
  • Dore performs a series of tests and claims the exercises you perform at HOME are somehow personalized just for you. We are unaware of any evidence that this is possible and, to the contrary, we know that it is unnecessary.
  • Dr. Belgau, the developer of the Learning Breakthrough Program has been asked about personalization of exercises many times since publishing the program in 1982. His answer is always the same: "it is through the repetition of the variety of movements performed using my highly precise equipment that helps better organize the way the brain processes information. The therapy can affect numerous cognitive functions at the same time, such as reading and handwriting and attention. The Learning Breakthrough Program involves all the various senses and processes behind learning and performance. Our various senses such as visual, motor, auditory and balance are connected. The more they are "exercised" together, the more "integrated" they become and the better you will function. The program enables individual users to progress at their own pace to ever increasing challenge levels due to the unique precision equipment included".
  • Learning Breakthrough has been consistently relied upon by medical practitioners around the world since 1982. Dore began 1n 2001 and is only used by Dore. The outside medical community rarely uses or recommends the program.
  • Another big difference between the programs is the unique Belgau Balance Board which is used throughout the Learning Breakthrough Program. Dore provides a wobble board, which does help make brain connections, but is not nearly as efficient or effective as the Belgau Balance Board. The ability to adjust the challenge level of the Belgau Balance Bboard, provides unique personalization unavailable on any other balance aparatus.
  • The Learning Breakthrough Program includes a device called the Pendulum Ball. This device provides important neuro-feedback that further enhances the efficacy of the therapy. Recently, a therapist who works with severely Autistic children, said the Pendulum Ball really turns on these kids cognitive motor like nothing she has ever seen.

(#1) Below you can see the reference made regarding the Learning Breakthrough ProgramTM (Belgau & Belgau, 1982) as the example given as the basis for the exercises in the Dore Program (at Dore AcheivementTM or DDATTM Centers).

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We hope the above explains the differences between these programs and why you can expect the very best results from the Learning Breakthrough Program at a fraction of the cost of Dore. If you have any questions, please call or email.

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